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First of all, I am glad you are here and interested in a newborn session with me and my team.  The registration process begins with filling out the contact form below.  I'll send you an e-mail with additional pricing information and details.  If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about something specific before you register, I will provide you an opportunity to schedule a pre-consultation phone call.  It's a great time to ask questions and see if we are a good match.  Once you're ready to reserve your spot on my calendar, you can follow the registration link waiting for you in your e-mail and you'll be set!

Most people get on my calendar around 20-24 weeks into their pregnancy. I will sometimes have random openings, so don't hesitate to contact me later in the game. I'll do my best to get you in!


walk through the

Congratulations on booking your session!  The details of the consultation can be set to your preference - we can meet over at the studio, chat over the phone, or do everything in an online questionnaire. 

The goal is to plan out the look and feel of your session.  We'll go over color choices that will match your home well, styling options, and posing preferences. 

I want you feeling involved in the creative process so we create something that will speak to you forever.



Step two:

To help things go as smoothly as possible during our session together, I've prepared a welcome kit that will address all of the major Tips and Tricks I've learned throughout the years. It includes clothing suggestions, morning schedule, and ways to prepare your newborn for their modeling debut. 

The Petite Session will include a digital copy of the information, while the Full and Complete Newborn Sessions will include a physical welcome kit that will be mailed to you.

The physical welcome kit contains some of the essential items for your preparation before the session. I try to eliminate as many stressors as possible for you, and having these items on hand and packaged together makes for one less thing to worry about while you are getting ready!

welcome kit


Step three:

There's not much I can do to help you though this step - but you can rest assured that I will be thinking of you and cheering for you from the sidelines! You've got this, Mama!

A few days before your due date, I will send you a questionnaire that you can fill out as soon as you deliver your newborn.  Please, please keep me in the loop about delivery.  It is helpful if you can contact me while you are still in the hospital or birthing center. I prefer to have the newborns in the studio within the first 5-12 days and early communication helps us achieve that goal together. 



Step four:

The day of the session is finally here! If you have chosen to have our Hair and Makeup Artist pamper you during the session, I will start photographing your newborn while you are being doted on by my amazing team.

The length of the newborn session depends on which session you choose, but each gives us plenty of stress-free time to follow the lead of your newborn and allows for plenty of cuddle and feeding breaks as necessary.  The studio is stocked with snacks and waters for you and blankets, props, and accessories for your newborn.  We have everything covered!

During our consultation we will have already addressed the plan and schedule for the session, so you should be able to sit back and relax!  You've earned this!



Step five:

Around one week after your session you will come back to the studio for your Artwork Design session. You won't believe how much your newborn has already changed during that time!

Your hand-edited images will be ready for viewing in a tender slideshow.  Don't worry - the tears are just from those post-pregnancy hormones.  We'll review all of the products available and you can select which best captures the beauty of your newborn.  Framed portraits begin at $185 and albums begin at $800.

While we encourage every client to purchase a printed product through Heather Pickett Photography, this is an absolutely no-pressure experience.  If you decide you are thrilled with just the digitals, those will be available for you to pick up at this time.  No pressure!

Artwork Design


Step six:

One of my favorite parts of the process is seeing the printed products you decide to decorate your home with.  After the Artwork Design session I carefully prepare each image to be printed at the best printing labs from all over the world. 

Once your heirloom products have arrived at the studio and have met our high quality standards, we will schedule a time for you to come collect your art work.  Most products take between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive.  You can't rush quality!

It is such a fun time to see the final products revealed! You should feel a huge sense of accomplishment as you take your artwork home - you have invested in something that will be treasured by so many people both now, and in the future!.  Congratulations!

product delivery


Step seven:

I absolutely appreciate and love referrals to your friends and family.  As much as those mean to me, I am even more grateful when you help spread the word about the A Mother's Wishful Heart program and the Wishful Heart Sessions.  These sessions hold a tender place in my heart and I want to be able to help as many mothers who are dealing with an aching heart as possible.  There is such a need for spreading light and hope!

All of the profits from each session go towards funding Wishful Heart Sessions.  So your referrals not only help your friends and family members priceless portraits for themselves, but they help provide these incredibly  meaningful Wishful Heart sessions as well.  Talk about a win-win situation!



Step seven:


Well, look at that - we ended up right where you need to begin.  Perfect!
Feel free to send me a reservation request.  I'll get back to you with more information and we can get this party started!


are you

Thank you so much for looking through the website.  I hope we get to work together soon!  My schedule fills up quickly, so if you are interested in a session, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you with additional details soon!


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My most prized and endearing role is being a mother. I remember sitting in the hospital with each of my newborns and staring at their little features. I wanted to take in every wrinkle and flake of newborn skin so that I would never forget their tiny details. I remember how they smelled after their first bath. I remember watching my husband hold them for the first time and falling in love all over again. These are the moments that I want to bottle up and treasure forever.

Before I became a photographer, I worked as a Registered Nurse, for which I am still licensed. Working as a Registered Nurse in the Pediatric & Cardiac ICU at Primary Children's Hospital, Labor & Delivery at St. Mark's Hospital, and Maternity & Newborn Nursery at Intermountain Medical Center, I have been with families on the happiest day of their lives, and also the most tragic.  I have seen, first hand, how beautiful and fleeting life with your loved ones can be.

Capturing these beautiful and fleeting moments is one of the primary reasons I became a newborn photographer. In fact, I am the first Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) in the nation to earn that merit by exclusively using newborns as their subjects. Being a CPP ensures that I excel at the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. It means I have a solid knowledge of how to use light correctly - even in difficult lighting situations. You can rest assured that your images with be both technically correct and emotionally powerful, which means they will be a timeless work of art for you and your family to enjoy.  

All three of my core-identities have perfectly combined to create Heather Pickett Photography where we celebrate the beauty and power of motherhood by cherishing your miraculous newborn. 

My hope is to help every mother capture these fleeting moments with their newborns and to create timeless, heirloom artwork that will bottle these treasured moments for generations to come. 

registered Nurse &
Certified Professional Photographer

Mother.  Registered Nurse.  Professional Photographer.

satisfaction guarantee

We are so confident that you will have an outstanding experience with Heather Pickett Photography, that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If the session falls short of your expectations in any way, we will gladly refund your session fees.  We hope you will come enjoy a custom portrait session with your newborn soon!