Salt Lake City Newborn Photographer | The Experience

Salt Lake City Newborn Photographer | The Experience

 I approach every session as a collaboration with my clients.  We’ll work together, and I’ll walk you through each step of the process, to create heartfelt, emotion-filled memories with your newborn.  By the end of our journey together you will have heirloom quality artwork that will embody the love and fierce devotion that can only be shared between a mother and her child.  Let’s take a minute to look at the process.

. . .

Step One: Get on the Calendar

I am the only award winning Certified Professional newborn photographer in Utah, and my calendar gets booked out months in advance.  Most clients reserve their session with me around 20 weeks into their pregnancy.  Contact me to check my availability around your due date.  If there is a spot available, I will e-mail you the registration form and link to pay the session retainer.  Once these items are received, I will add you to my calendar based on your due date.

Step Two:  Session Consultation & Planning

After I receive your registration form and session retainer, I will mail you a copy of my Portrait Planning Guide which outlines how to prepare for your session.  We’ll schedule a time to either chat on the phone or have you come by the studio so we can talk about your vision for the session.  You are welcome to check out the studio’s luxury clothing line.  You’ll also have a chance to touch and feel our heirloom products so you can start planning what will be a beautiful addition to your home and family.

Step Three:  Deliver that Baby!

Keep me in the loop on when you deliver.  It is helpful if you can contact me while you are still at the hospital or birthing center.  I like to have the newborns in the studio within the first 5-12 days of life and early communication helps us achieve that goal together.  I’ll send you a questionnaire about the birth statistics to start preparing your complimentary birth announcements.

Step Four:  The Session

The day of the session is finally here!  Keep that sweet baby awake beforehand – giving them a bath is a great way for them to prepare for their modeling debut.  I ask that you feed them right before you head over and be sure to give them a good burping before you strap them into the carseat.  Once you get here you’ll have your make-up done by our fabulous make-up artist.  She’s amazing and who doesn’t like to get pampered?  I will begin photographing your newborn and we’ll add the parents/family once you are feeling beautiful and ready to love on this sweet baby of yours.

Step Five:  The Design & Order Session

About one or two weeks after your session you’ll come back to the studio for your Design & Order session.  You won’t believe how much your newborn has changed during that time!  Your hand-edited images will be ready for viewing in a tender slideshow.  Don’t worry!  The tears are just from those post-pregnancy hormones.  We’ll go through the four collections and you can select which one best captures the heirloom products you would like to purchase.  Collections range from $1000-$2600.  We will gladly customize additional a la carte products to complete your wish list as well at that time.

Step Six:  Order Pick-Up

Once your heirloom products have arrived and have met our high quality standards, we will schedule a time for you to come collect your artwork.  It is such a fun time to see the final products revealed.  It is exciting to take this artwork home and know that you have invested in something that will be treasured by so many people both now and in future generations.  What an accomplishment!

. . .

It’s that easy!  If you are lucky enough to purchase The Year Collective, we will get to go through this process again two more times during the first year of your newborn’s life.  We will create cohesive artwork that will complement the collection as we capture the details of your growing baby.

If you’re ready to begin this wonderful journey, contact me above.  I look forward to working with you as we create beautiful artwork of your newborn!